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        We all remember (right?) the scene in Broadcast News where William Hurt tears up while interviewing a woman who was date raped--a phenomenon that had been unnoticed in the US until then. ("My cousin," mouths Joan Cusack, nodding sadly, to the other women watching. It was a silent epidemic.) After that, attention ...

  • world photos: afghanistan to comoros

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    Rebecca - at - commiegirlcollective - dot - com. Follow me at Twitter.com/commiegirl1.


      MR. BRAINWASH Video: Brainwashed is kind of a dick.   TAGGING LACMA Video: TAGGING LACMA Harry Gamboa on the night he and his comrades in ASCO tagged LACMA     UNDER THE BIG BLACK SUN Video: Big Black Sun Video Review: MOCA's "Under the Big Black Sun"

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    Soul to Soul Hall & Oates Make the Ladies Scream


    Real Live Boys

  • Real Live Boys

      I was nice on Saturday—I usually am, in person. I didn’t tell a single person I met that I wished their children had never been born. You kind of expect The Children of the Corn when you hang out with the Snowflakes—the formerly frozen embryos who’ve been saved from eternity in ...


      Welcome to Stanton In which I predict the housing crash in 2006, and get super mad about it! Capitol Punishment Arnold Schwarzenegger is like the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, if Dorothy had never actually tried to find him, and went to Chops for an Absolut instead. Careless People I have met the Real ...

  • Semper Fidel

    One week in Havana while the Castros still reign  Semper Fidel It is foreign, and we are on a very fancy bus, gawking out the windows at a land free of any advertising except exhortations to educate your children and pictures of the nation’s heroes. Cuba loves its heroes, its Comandante Che ...

  • Hall & Oates Make the Ladies Scream

    Soul to Soul Every year, I go to the BMI awards dinner. The music publishing company is one of two (along with ASCAP) that collects your royalties every time someone plays your song, so that if you are, for instance, Gary Wright, you can buy a house in Palos Verdes because ...

ALEC. The American Legislative Exchange Council. Been in business for four decades as the “national clearinghouse for pre-written right-wing bills that include fighting climate change bills, busting unions, repealing taxes on the rich, and ending minimum wage laws.” (Thank you, Gawker, for your very nice summation.) I wasn't sure I was ...


Snake in the Wall!

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It is another hot, hot day. The fifty-second day of scorching, hellish heat. Half of the trees in the woods on my thirteen beautiful acres are dead or dying. It looks like autumn out there. But I am cool in my little housie. I put some water and dogfood out for ...


Learned Helplessness

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It is a bright Sunday morning, about a year ago. I am having hotcakes and bacon at my brother’s house. The house is full of the smell of “home.” The bacon is flat and straight and perfectly fried and in layers between paper towels on a large platter on the ...


The Year According to Me

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Geography is Destiny I saw The Descendants on Christmas Day. It’s set in Hawaii. I realized how deeply geography has affected me. I’m from Hawaii. It’s a huge factor. Not many people I am around grew up there. I find myself to be an oddball.  Place. Setting. Geography is destiny. Water If geography is ...


A Day in the Life

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“Come a little bit closer. Hear what I have to say,” Neil Young sings. I am in heaven. The day moves gently. It is perfect. The sounds – birds, leaves rustling, Neil singing – caress me. The world outside this house is Eden. Glowing green, pulsing yellow, a flash of red, purple peeks ...


The Foundation

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PROLOGUE (By Commie Mom, For David Gregory, who asked.) I wrote this story five years ago.  It is about pouring the concrete foundation for my little environmental steel and glass house here on thirteen beautiful acres in Oklahoma. I designed the house.  It's a simple rectangle (the best environmental shape, it turns out) ...



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  I look down at the pile of dog hair, red dirt, bits of dried grass in a neatly swept pile at my feet. I contemplate it. Dirt. It means soil. That's a good thing. It means filth. That's a bad thing. It is gossip. It is pornography. It is a pejorative when ...


A Story From Last Summer

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  When I decided to move to Oklahoma's countryside it was because I was faced with not being able to afford to live in California. I built the first house I have ever owned with $48,000 from my California State Teachers Retirement fund. I built it with every environmental trick in ...


This is a cautionary tale, a tale of hubris and foolhardiness. It is a tale which illustrates the old maxim, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” This is what happened: I was walking through my house. It's one big room because I have always loved loft spaces and their open floor ...


Boomers and Dogs

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  As you probably already know by now, I live in Oklahoma, in the country, in a house I built, living on my retirement check and the lovely monthly check I get for writing these stories. I am not rolling in dough. But then, again, I am not starving, either. I am ...


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